Vibrolith RBST Electro-pneumatic lithotripter

Serhat Apak & Burhan Özugur

Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Vibrolith RBST Electro-pneumatic lithotripter by Serhat Apak & Burhan Özugur ELMED VibrolithRBST is an electro-pneumatic lithotripter. It works according to the principle of collision of a bullet, accelerated by compressed air with a steel probe. VibrolithRBST has a “simple to use” nature. The operator can easily select the pulse mode as single or continuous, by simply pressing the touch-key panel. The total number of pulses applied can be monitored on a digital counter. Operation pressure can be adjusted easily and independently of the pressure supply, by turning the knob of the regulator on the control box.


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