Nyx Kids Tableware

Alex Petunin & Elijah Robineau

Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Nyx Kids Tableware by Alex Petunin & Elijah Robineau Collaborative design has limitless frontiers and has been at the source of this project. Nyx Kids tableware is a unique collaboration between a 10 year old boy Elijah Robineau and a talented designer Alex Petunin. As kids we have wonderful dreams but as adults, we have learned to set limits and bounderies for the real world. The playful tableware collection developed under the futuristic brand of YORB DESIGN (www.yorbdesign.com) has also got a very unique feature of allowing full custom design. Its user can choose its own pattern, color and shape on line giving it a sense of belonging.


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