La Chaise Impossible Chair

Enrique Rodríguez "LeThermidor"

Street Furniture Design La Chaise Impossible Chair by Enrique Rodríguez "LeThermidor" Attractive Clean Design. "The Impossible Chair" stands in only two legs. It's lightweight; 5 to 10 Kgrs. Yet strong to support up to 120 Kgrs. It's simple to manufacture, beautiful, robust, everlasting, stainless, no screws and no nails. It's modular for several positions and different usages, a piece of art, it rocks, it's fun, totally recyclable and ecofriendly, made of solid wood and aluminum tubing, designed to last forever. (The structure can be made of different materials like plastics, metals, or concrete for public places. The seat in textiles or leather)


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